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by | February 9, 2018 5:00 am

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At the Friends of Colleton County Animal Shelter (FoCCAS) annual meeting, Dr. Rebecca Hughes gave a surprise announcement to the attendees. FoCCAS was recognized as the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians’ (SCAV) 2017 South Carolina Humanitarian of the Year. This honor, according to an email from Marie Queen of the awards committee, acknowledges FoCCAS as “a beacon of hope for the homeless animals of Colleton County.”
Dr. Hughes, who works with FoCCAS, nominated the group with a four-page letter extoling their accomplishments with community spay/neuter programs, the fourth-grade education program Colleton Animal Commitment Education (CACE), and rescue/adoption. She ended her nomination by praising the “wonderful commitment of people like those on the board of FoCCAS and the countless hours of time, tears, sweat, heart and lives poured into the furry-faced beings that just need a chance to get to someone to love.”
FoCCAS’ annual meeting highlighted the successes of 2017. The shelter adopted out 183 pets and reunited 196 lost pets with their owners. FoCCAS and its rescue partners sent 918 animals to new forever homes across the entire United States, which now includes a hound rescue in California. Last year, 2,094 animals came into the shelter: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goats, horses, and pigs. The number of intakes is slowly decreasing and the live release rate continues to grow.
In 2017, live release was 64%, up from 53% in 2016, and 38% in 2015. FoCCAS needs additional fosters, volunteers, and financial support to continue to improve these numbers.
In 2017, FoCCAS spent $76,486.21 to help the animals of Colleton County. FoCCAS supplemented the county shelter’s budget for surgeries and medicines with $26,428.31. Additionally, eight animals came into the shelter needing surgery, such as leg amputation, eye removal, burn treatment and stitches. FoCCAS expended $11,784.86 to save these highly adoptable dogs and cats.
The community spay/neuter initiatives, including Spay Daze transport, vouchers for local vets, and community cat programs, help to control the unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. In 2017, FoCCAS spent $31,461 to help the community care for their pets.
Jeannette Neal was elected president of FoCCAS. Shelley Thomas will take over the position of vice president of shelter relations, previously held by Laura Clark who is now Colleton County Animal Shelter manager. Barbara Smiley will continue her duties as treasurer. Audra Hudson was also re-elected to her board position. Other board members’ positions did not expire this year. Sarah Miller (VP of public relations), Billie Clark (secretary) and board members Scott Brennan and Janice Young round out the 2018 FoCCAS Board.
Those interested in volunteering or fostering for FoCCAS, please contact FoCCAS at or visit the Friends of Colleton County Animal Shelter Facebook page.

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