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by | February 17, 2018 5:00 pm

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Traffic stop produces charges
A Walterboro man faces three charges, none of them concerning the reason for a Feb. 10 traffic stop that brought him to the city police’s attention.
A city officer on routine patrol Feb. 10 at 9:48 p.m. spotted the man’s vehicle in the area of Colleton Loop and North Lemacks Street. The car did not have a license plate visible.
The officer pulled the vehicle over in the 1400 block of North Jefferies Boulevard. The driver got out of his vehicle and the officer explained the reason for the stop.
The driver said he had been involved in a traffic accident that had caused the license plate to be wrapped under the bumper.
As the man bent down to show the officer the license plate, a small plastic bag that appeared to contain marijuana allegedly fell out of his pocket.
The officer told him to put his hands behind his back to be cuffed, when the man reportedly grabbed the bag and tossed it.
The man was cuffed and the discarded bag found. When the bag was retrieved, the officer reportedly saw what appeared to be a rock of crack cocaine nestled among the grass.
A search of the car reportedly found a marijuana cigarette and handgun.
The incident resulted in the arrest of James R. Pierce, 22, of Walterboro on charges of possession of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana and unlawful carrying of a pistol.

Gun pulled on victim
A city man confronting a burglar had a handgun pulled on him the morning of Feb. 9.
The man told Walterboro Police that a neighbor had contacted him shortly before 11 a.m., telling him that someone had been seen going into his residence on Lewis Street.
When the man arrived at the home, he said he spotted a black male exiting the home and gave chase.
The suspect then pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded money. The victim ran away from the burglar-turned-armed-robber and called the police.
Officers learned that the suspect had kicked in the door at the home and taken a black jewelry box containing two gold chains and a diamond ring.

Car stolen
A member of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office was called to a residence in the 6200 block of Sniders Highway after the resident discovered a car missing the morning of Feb. 9.
The woman said a red 2013 Toyota Camry that her daughter usually drives was gone. The vehicle’s worth was estimated at $6,800.
She told the deputy that it appeared someone had entered her unlocked truck, found the spare key to the Camry and driven off.

Shoplifting foiled
An employee of Save-A-Lot at 299 Bells Highway contacted the city police department the morning of Feb. 12 to report two failed shoplifting incidents by the same white female.
A review of the security footage at the store had discovered that the woman entered the store Feb. 11 at about 4:30 p.m. The video showed her going to a freezer, pulling the price tag from packages of chicken and placing them on several steaks and a pork loin.
She then went to a check-out line and was in the process of purchasing the meat for chicken prices, but her credit card was declined.
She left the store empty-handed and returned a short time later. Back at a different check-out line, the clerk noticed the switched price tags.
The woman fled the store without the merchandise.

Suspect didn’t enter barber shop
Last week’s story about an armed robbery contained incorrect information.
The suspect did not enter Hodges Barber Shop at 336 N. Walter St. He approached an employee outside the shop and made off with $180 in cash. The suspect was arrested as he entered the parking lot at City Hall.
The Press apologizes for the error and is happy to set the record straight.

Chase results in charges
A Walterboro man faces two charges and the possibility of a third following a traffic stop that allegedly turned into a chase in the early morning hours of Feb. 14.
A Walterboro police officer working patrol on Bells Highway Feb. 14 shortly before 2 a.m. watched as a man pulled out of the driveway of a fast food restaurant and into the passing lane.
The man was pulled over in the 700 block of Bells Highway. The officer explained the reason for the traffic stop and asked for his license and registration. The man gave the officer the registration and insurance information but not his driver’s license.
The officer repeatedly asked the man to exit his vehicle but he refused.
A second officer asked the man to turn off his vehicle and exit. This time the man allegedly drove off with officers in pursuit.
The chase went from Robertson Boulevard to South Jefferies, Industrial Road and Sidneys, ending on Platinum Road.
The suspect, Antonio T. Dunigan, 38, of Walterboro was arrested on charges of failure to stop for a red light and having an open container of alcohol.
Officers also reportedly found a crack pipe in the vehicle, but as yet have not charged him in connection with that discovery.

Resident reports thefts
A resident of Branch Hollow Drive called the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office the afternoon of Feb. 13 to report that items have been disappearing from her home.
The woman told the deputy that the latest things to turn up missing were a wallet, containing a wide variety of identification cards and credit cards and a checkbook. Previously a $120 rifle and computers worth a total of $1,700 disappeared.

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