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by | January 27, 2018 5:00 pm

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What if incident had turned out differently?
Dear Editor:
I was dismayed to read your recent article — “Airport Oops” — regarding an accident at the Lowcountry Regional Airport on Jan. 10. The article did not specify which runway the pilot was using when he retracted his landing gear too early, but it clearly shows the need for the airport commission to limit takeoffs and landings from runways located close to residential areas.
Many Walterboro residents have advised me that pilots who trained at this airport during World War II were not allowed to fly over the town. Why is this safety precaution not in effect today? This may well have been an “oops” moment — but how many times does an “oops” moment result in a tragedy?
In a letter dated May 1, 2017, a group of concerned citizens in the two historic districts and the North Lemacks Street Neighborhood petitioned the Walterboro-Colleton County Airport Commission to investigate alternate flight paths that would require aircraft traffic to avoid flying over residential areas, and to use other runways aside from Runway 5/23. We have never received a reply. Does the airport commission view the safety of the residents of these areas as being less important than that of the residents of other areas — like Forest Hills? Are some lives more valuable than others?
The airport commission has leased property adjacent to a runway to a company that has advertised that it will offer flight training and simulation. This accident was apparently the fault of a seasoned pilot, as the article stated that he keeps his plane at the airport. How many more jets and planes will be taking off and landing at the airport once this company starts conducting business? Will it take a true crash before the airport commission takes action?
As for the reporter’s analogy about putting a car into forward instead of reverse when driving out of a garage, look at what happened to the wall of Rite-Aid when a driver apparently did the same thing. Ask the injured employee who was working at the cash register behind the wall that collapsed if she would be “hard pressed to call it a crash.” What if something had happened over Robertson Boulevard or the North Lemacks Street Neighborhood?

Carol Black
Los Angeles, CA
and Walterboro

Residents reached out to shelter residents over the holidays
Dear Editor:
This past holiday season was about reaching out to those with less and giving back to our brothers, sisters, children, families and friends who need the most. We are blessed to have such a caring community who wanted to ensure that as many members and individuals that reside within this area be given the opportunity to feel that gift of giving.
I would like to say “thank you” to all of the wonderful warm-hearted people who saw a need at our local homeless shelter and decided to make a difference. You demonstrated your commitment to elevate the lives during the season of giving with hearts that reached out with no expectation of reimbursement, made the case of being our brother’s keeper, shared by many.
Great examples are Girl Scout Troop #445 which donated over $1,500 to Safe Haven Homeless Shelter for Children, Women and Families. The gate was opened and others donated as well. Mrs. Willie Rabb, Fit 4 Senior Fitness Class, Beverly Pournelle and Delta Kappa Gamma, Consignment Envy, many faith-based ministries, such as Cumberland United Methodist Church, Janie Rivers, (Hampton County), have been a blessing to the organization, as the donations assist the agency in its mission to eradicate poverty and serve disadvantaged, disenfranchised, low-income individuals of Colleton and Hampton counties.
The girl scouts led by example, stating, “It’s better to give than to receive.”
Our homeless shelter thrives from the benevolence of kind-hearted, compassionate individuals who feel the pain of those with less, especially during the holiday season. The families served are grateful and appreciative and I hope that others see the every-day need and join in to assist.

Arlene Dobison
Executive director
Lowcountry Community Action Agency

‘Fire and Fury’ book follows collusion as source for confusion
Dear Editor:
The liberal media and progressive democrats have a new drum to beat this week in the form of a just released book called: “Fire and Fury.” The book is no smoking gun — as a matter of fact it is not even a water gun. Every news channel out there is bringing never heard of hangers-on in Washington to give their opinions on what the book means. It appears our newscasters are so busy making up fake news and being fired, they are no longer able to think for themselves. This book is just another source for creating confusion by promoting misinformation and unqualified opinions. Their biggest gun, however, is the impeachment petition being supported by a billionaire hedge fund manager, Tom Steyer.
Tom Steyer, a former hedge fund manager, has launched two ad campaigns calling for Trump’s impeachment, spending a reported total of about $20 million. His “Need to Impeach” campaign, which got plastered on televisions and even on a billboard in Times Square, has garnered more than three million signatures online. If impeachment is needed, why do they have to spend $20 million dollars on an ad campaign?
Forbes estimates Steyer’s net worth at $1.6 billion. He founded and ran San Francisco-based hedge fund Farallon Capital for more than two decades. He stepped down from the hedge fund in 2012 to focus on politics, philanthropy and the environment. He spent more than $65 million to back environmental causes and the Democratic Party in the 2016 election cycle.
Steyer, who is considering a run for president himself, (is this his real motive?) presents his case for impeachement by saying: “Donald Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, and taken money from foreign governments. We need to impeach this dangerous president. “ Steyer seems to forget it is North Korea who is stoking the tension for the past year and all previous presidents are to blame for letting North Korea get this far in their nuclear program.
Steyer also vehemently criticized the tax bill passed by the Senate early Saturday morning, arguing it is part of an effort to “redo” the U.S. government and make it “less fair” for Americans. Like all good liberals and progressives, he wants to keep the tax money in Washington so they can use it to buy votes in their elections. Liberals are fearful that the tax cut will serve to prove that Trump was right in saying he would create more jobs and put money back in the pockets of Americans.
Even the Democrats fear this impeachment petition might blow up in their faces. Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., said, “the impeachment message right now is not helpful” for Democrats’ efforts to win a House majority, according to The Wall Street Journal. David Axelrod, who was an advisor to President Barack Obama, has called Steyer’s campaign a “vanity project” and “unhelpful.”
The liberals have tried to destroy the Tax Bill with Nancy Pelosi leading the way, saying it will cause “Armegeddon.” The bill has already generated “$7 trillion” in new wealth. Retirement plans and 401K’s will show those results. The liberals can only be negative for a while longer and then the lies and distortions are going to home to roost. The extra money in people’s pockets will speak louder than all of the progressive lack of action. The president’s approval will eventually reach the point that even democratic polls will not able to hide it.
This whole Russian collusion investigation, the new book, derogatory remarks about his sanity and continued doubts about his ability to hold the office is merely the groundwork for the mid-term elections and 2020 elections. It is the most outrageous and dangerous campaign of personal attacks in the history of our country. This kind of political action is what they do in third world countries where respect for the office of their president has disappeared. Political ill winds of all types create constant turmoil, confusion and build distrust in the president and our government.

Noel Ison

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  1. Comment by Ken

    January 28, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    @Carol Black

    Maybe you and your loved ones should not be allowed to drive on public highways. Who knows when an Oops moment, which we all know everyone inevitably has now and then, could cause damage to private property or worse yet, injury or loss of life to some innocent victim. My God, how can we have decided to let you risk killing and maiming our love ones on an almost daily basis. Please, stop driving your vehicle on pubic highways so I can feel ‘safer’.

    Excuse me, but does that sound reasonable to you?

  2. Comment by Vasilisa Hamilton

    January 31, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Mr. Ison, one thing we know for sure: special counsel Bob Mueller is following the money, and he will not be distracted or deterred in his quest to find out whether or not Trump, the Putin-powered con man, conspired with our Russian adversaries to undermine the U.S. presidential election. Trump has 18 confirmed Russia connections, and, to date, four of his associates have been indicted. In Trump world, MAGA means many are getting arrested, and make attorneys get attorneys.

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