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by | January 25, 2018 5:00 pm

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Walterboro man faces drug charge
A Colleton County Sheriff’s Office deputy was patrolling Three Mile Road the evening of Jan. 19, responding to complaints about possible alcohol and narcotics use in the area.
At 10:18 p.m., the deputy was driving slowly with his blue lights on when he saw a car in the middle of the road coming toward him.
The deputy got out of his cruiser with a flashlight and tried to flag the driver down, but he kept on going. The deputy got in his car, turned around and pulled the driver over in the 400 block of Three Mile Road. As he approached the open window of the vehicle, the deputy reported that he could smell marijuana. The driver allegedly said he had smoked some just a little while before the stop.
The deputy had the driver exit the vehicle and after backup arrived, the car was searched.
Inside the vehicle, the deputy reportedly found a glass jar containing marijuana, a plastic bag containing what appeared to be 15 Ecstasy pills and a bottle of gin.
The discovery led to the arrest of Donovan J. Sanders, 24, of Walterboro on narcotics and alcohol violations.

Boat stolen and set ablaze
A Cottageville Highway man didn’t know he had been robbed until the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office called him the evening of Jan. 19.
They told him that his 2017 Triton bass boat and trailer had been found in Dorchester County. Someone had set it on fire. The man then called the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office to report the theft. He said when he went to work the morning of Jan. 19, the boat and trailer were underneath his shed.

Pickup disappears from Round O
A woman contacted the sheriff’s office Jan. 21 at 5:02 p.m. to report her 2007 Ford F150 truck, worth $12,000, had disappeared.
She said her boyfriend was driving the truck on Jan. 19 when it ran out of gas near the intersection of Charleston Highway and Parkers Ferry Road. He pulled off the roadway and parked the truck.
When they returned to refuel the truck, it was gone.

Guns taken in Ruffin
A resident of Smokey Bear Lane in Ruffin contacted the sheriff’s office Jan. 22 at 4:08 p.m. to report that firearms had been removed from his home.
The man said two rifles, two shotguns and a handgun had been removed from the residence. He said he last saw the weapons two weeks ago.

Cottageville home burglarized
A resident of Red Oak Road in Cottageville contacted the sheriff’s office Jan. 22 at 11:26 p.m. after he found that his home had been broken into during the day.
The man said he returned home to find that someone had broken a panel in the front door, reached in and unlocked the door.
Gone from the home were a jar of coins, a television, a crossbow, a fishing bow and stereo.
The shed on the property had also been entered and a large amount of tools and air compressors were missing.

Domestic incident may result in multiple charges
A Walterboro man could face multiple charges after a Jan. 19 domestic violence incident at a Francis Street residence.
Members of the city’s police department were called to the home Jan. 19 at 9:10 a.m.
The female resident said she and her two children had been assaulted.
The couple was involved in a verbal altercation concerning the woman’s cell phone when the man allegedly pushed and punched the woman before hitting her in the leg with a wooden plank with screws protruding from it.
He also allegedly assaulted the woman’s daughter, throwing her and hitting her in the face. The woman’s son was supposedly punched in the face and head.
The suspect also allegedly broke the woman’s phone before going outside where he allegedly broke a bedroom window and a car windshield.
As part of the incident, the man reportedly broke off his electronic ankle monitor before fleeing.

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