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by | January 10, 2018 5:00 pm

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The extreme cold resulted in two structure fires on Tuesday Jan. 2.
The first fire at 50 Flash Lane north of Smoaks started in a flue pipe connected to a wood-burning stove which ignited the surrounding wall. Firefighters removed the wall covering to expose the burning supports and doused the fire, but the flames had spread to the attic and burned through the exterior wall.
Damage to the home, however, was minimal. Crews were on the scene for about an hour.
The second fire was at 31169 Lowcountry Hwy., also north of Smoaks, after residents reported smoke in the area. The first fire engine located the single-story home, which had heavy smoke coming from the eaves. Two additional stations and more personnel were sent to the scene and quickly put out the fire, which was located in the bathroom. However, the flames had burned a three-foot-square hole in the floor and was burning under the house as well. Firefighters had to crawl under the home to access the fire.
The resident had closed the doors to the burning section of the home, which prevented heat and smoke damage to the rest of the home.
The bathroom, however, suffered heavy damage and the adjoining room had smoke damage.
The fire started from a space heater in the bathroom.
Crews worked for about 25 minutes to completely put out the fire due to having to crawl under the home.
Discarded fireplace coals are suspected to be the cause of a Jan. 5 fire that damaged a Knights Avenue residence.
At 7:34 p.m., smoke detectors alerted the occupants to the fire on the exterior of the single-story dwelling and they called emergency dispatch to report the fire.
Earlier in the evening, an occupant dumped some coals from the fireplace on the ground outside a side door. The coals ignited vegetation along the side of the home, which then ignited the exterior wall of the residence.
The first unit arrived to find smoke visible at the south side of the residence and inside the structure.
Fire trucks arrived a short time later and the exterior fire was quickly extinguished, but firefighters had to remove some exterior siding and the side-door frame to reach the fire inside the wall.
The home suffered moderate damage. Interior smoke was removed with a fan.
No one was injured in the incident and home and all the belongings were saved.
Crews were on the scene for approximately an hour.

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