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by | November 10, 2017 5:00 am

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Sweet Pearl was picked up by Colleton County Animal Control on October 18.
She limped toward the officer wagging her tail, but this friendly dog had been through an unknown horrific experience. She was missing part of her back leg.
Friends of Colleton County Animal Shelter arranged for her leg to be amputated and she settled into a foster home. But the bleeding didn’t stop. After three return visits to the vet, FoCCAS volunteers rushed Pearl to the 24-hour vet hospital at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning.
Pearl’s delightful spirit thrilled the staff as she gave kisses. Her tail was wagging happily even as she was wheeled away on the gurney.
Pearl had lost a lot of blood and needed a transfusion. This helped and she stabilized. However, she hemorrhaged overnight and needed another transfusion and emergency surgery. She again stabilized and was eating well. On Monday, she was transferred to surgery to resolve the bleeding issue.
Friends of Colleton County Animal Shelter made a commitment to Pearl before her first surgery. This girl was so friendly even in her pain. The Animal Control Officer who picked her up commented “she made me remember why I do this job.”
Pearl’s foster mom is quite impressed with her progress and can tell that Pearl is finally feeling better. “We are thrilled at her recovery, but not surprised. Pearl has been a lover and a fighter since the day she was found. She’s going to make a great forever pet for a lucky family.”
The additional costs of the transfusions and additional surgery increase FoCCAS’ bills for Pearl to $7,000. “Pearl’s bills added up to nearly $6,000 even after a generous rescue discount from Veterinary Emergency Care and Veterinary Surgical Care in Mt. Pleasant. As of today, we have just over $2,000 from donations to FoCCAS and about $700 in the ‘You Caring’ account. We appreciate the donations. If you want to donate, you can go our website at or mail a check to FoCCAS, 33 Poor Farm Rd. Walterboro, SC 29488,” said Sarah Miller of FoCASS.
“Pearl is a real gem! She’ll soon be on the road to recovery and enjoying a new forever life. Thank you for donating.”
To donate, visit Pearl’s GoFundMe page at or visit

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