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by | November 17, 2017 5:00 am

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South Carolina House District 90 Representative Justin Bamberg spoke and held a question and answer session with Heath Careers Academy (HCA) students at Colleton County High School on Tuesday Nov. 7.
Having served in the House of Representative since 2014, Bamberg represents Bamberg, Barnwell and Colleton Counties. He is a personal injury trail lawyer with Bamberg Legal, LLC, and has represented numerous high-profile cases including the family of police shooting victim Walter Scott, Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La., and Keith Scott in Charlotte, N.C.
Bamberg was speaking at the request of HCA Humanities teachers, Cray Warner and Kathleen Vo, who were teaching units on social justice and the U.S. Constitution.
“Students were learning valuable information regarding the United States’ justice system, the roles of each individual within that system and about their own rights as citizens of the United States,” said Vo. “The students studied the justice system by analyzing the court case presented in the popular podcast ‘Serial’ and drawing comparisons presented in the literary works, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘12 Angry Men’ and later held a mock trial. The culmination of the unit was listening to Congressman Bamberg speak and answer their questions.”
During the presentation, Representative Bamberg talked on a multitude of topics including his experience as a lawyer, aspects of several cases he has tried, and how to succeed in life.
“Representative Bamberg spoke to the students about staying out of trouble with the law by making conscientious decisions about who they choose to associate with, as well as making goals to pursue as young adults,” said Vo. “He shared his own personal experiences as a young adult and expressed how those experiences shaped him into who he is today.”
After speaking, Bamberg opened the floor to prepared questions from the students, and he answered a variety of questions including one about the school’s uniform policy aligned with the rights given by the first amendment to the Constitution.
Following the session, Bamberg took photos with the students and spoke with them individually.


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