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by | October 19, 2017 5:00 am

Last Updated: October 18, 2017 at 10:21 am

The new bus 14-passenger bus providing public transportation left the Walmart parking lot at 6:10 a.m. on Oct. 16 to begin its inaugural run through the city.
The first two weeks will be what is called a soft launch, explained Palmetto Breeze Transit Executive Director Mary Lou Franzoni. Its purpose is to get everything worked out. After that trial period, Walterboro Works will get its celebratory ribboncutting.
There will be no charge for the Monday through Friday bus rides during the first month. Palmetto Breeze is offering the free transportation to introduce city residents to the new services, “a way to get people to take a ride,” Franzoni said.
After the first month, city riders who are not covered by the program that provided grant money to fuel Walterboro Works will be charged $1 a ride.
The $100,000 grant from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and the South Carolina Workforce Development Board to the Lowcountry Workforce Development Area was obtained to provide the bus service. The grant’s goal is to provide transportation for those attending training and vocational education programs.
But the transportation system is also being made available to any potential rider.
Franzoni said the locations listed on the bus schedule are what are called flag stops. “Riders can flag down the bus and it will stop in a safe location as soon as possible.”
In the Walmart parking lot, Franzoni said, the bus will stop for passengers on the access road that leads into the Walmart parking lot and will also pick up passengers at the front of the business.
At the other shopping areas that are included as stops, the bus will pull off the roadway and into the parking lots to collect passengers.

Times on this schedule are tentative and may vary due to weather conditions, traffic and variance in passenger loads.

First Morning Route
6:10 a.m.-I-95 at Exit 57-Walmart
6:19 a.m.-I-95 at Exit 53-EZ Stop
6:22 a.m.-Sniders Highway at Colleton Heights-
6:26 a.m. Green Pond Highway and South Jefferies Boulevard
6:30 a.m. Green Pond Highway at Walterboro Village
6:41 a.m.-Veterans Victory House
6:45 a.m. Career Skills Training Center
6:55 a.m.-Green Pond Highway at Walterboro Village
6:58 a.m.-South Jefferies Boulevard at Kogers
7:01 a.m.-Sniders Highway at Colleton Heights
7:06 a.m.-I-95 at Exit 53 EZ Stop
7:15 a.m. I-95 at Exit 57 Walmart
7:24 a.m.-I-95 at Exit 53 EZ Stop
7:27 a.m.-Sniders Highway at Colleton Heights
7:31 a.m. Green Pond Highway at South Jefferies Boulevard
7:35 a.m.-Green Pond Highway at Walterboro Village
7:43 a.m.-Lincoln Apartments
7:47 a.m.-Adult Education
7:54 a.m.- Veterans Victory House
7:59 a.m.-Career Skills Training
8:14 a.m.-Vocational Rehab
8:25 a.m.-Lincoln Apartments
8:35 a.m.-Green Pond at Walterboro Village
8:38 a.m.-South Jefferies Boulevard at Kogers
8:41 a.m.- Sniders Highway at Colleton Heights
8:46 a.m.- I-95 at Exit 53 EZ Stop
8:55 a.m.-I-95 at Exit 57 Walmart
9:04 a.m.-Robertson Boulevard-Bi-Lo
9:10 a.m.-Bells Highway-Walterboro Plaza at Belks

Second Morning Route
11 a.m.-Adult education
11:07 a.m.-Lincoln Apartments
11:17 a.m.-Green Pond at Walterboro Village
11:20 a.m. South Jefferies Boulevard at Koger
11:23 a.m.-Sniders Highway at Colleton Heights
11:28 a.m.-I-95 at Exit 53 EZ Stop
11:37 a.m.-I-95 at Exit 57 Walmart
11:46 a.m.-Robertson Boulevard-Bi-Lo
11:50 a.m. Bells Highway-Walterboro Plaza at Belks
12 p.m.-Career Skills Training
12:10 p.m.-Lincoln Apartments
12:20 p.m.-Walterboro Village
12:25 p.m.- South Jefferies Boulevard-Dairyland
12:30 p.m.-Colleton Heights
12:35 p.m. I -95 at Exit 53 EZ Stop
12:45 p.m.-I-95 at Exit 57 Walmart

Afternoon Route
3:05 p.m. Veterans Victory House
3:10 p.m. Career Skills Training
3:15 p.m.-Vocational Rehab
3:25 p.m.-Lincoln Apartments
3:35 p.m.-Walterboro Village
3:40 p.m.-South Jefferies Boulevard-Dairyland
3:45 p.m.-Colleton Heights
3:50 p.m.-I-95 at Exit 53 EZ Shop
4 p.m.-I-95 at Exit 57 Walmart
4:09 p.m.-Robertson Boulevard-Bi-Lo
4:14 p.m.-Bell’s Highway at Walterboro Plaza-Belks
4:25 p.m.-Veterans Victory House
4:30 p.m.-Career Skills Training
4:36 p.m.-Adult Education
4:41 p.m.-Lincoln Apartments
4:51 p.m.-Walterboro Village
4:56 p.m.-South Jefferies Boulevard Dairyland
5:01 p.m.-Colleton Heights
5:06 p.m.-I-95 at Exit 53 EZ Shop
5:15 p.m.-I-95 at Exit 57 Walmart

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  1. Comment by Sheila Bell

    October 19, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    I think anyone who invests in a bus route to Charleston, Citadel Mall twice a day, will become the most favorite person in town. Many hotels and restaurants in Charleston are looking for good employees, but most of the residents, especially in Ritter, don’t drive because they have no income to buy cars.

  2. Comment by S

    October 24, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    A bus to Charleston/Summerville would provide a lot of economic and educational opportunities and perhaps take a few cars off the road. It would be especially helpful to provide connections to CARTA. South Carolina needs a more integrated mass transit system given the sprawl that is occurring from the increased population.

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