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by | September 24, 2017 5:00 pm

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Edisto Beach has suffered three disasters in three years: the flood of October 2015, Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and now Hurricane Irma. But in one sense, Edisto is lucky. The beach has Mayor Jane Darby.
Darby has exhibited incredible leadership since having the office of mayor thrust upon her in February 2015 after the death of then-mayor Burley Lyons. She became acting mayor in February, was elected to the position in April and was then faced with a 1,000-year flood in October — an event that covered the entire beach with over a foot of water. That’s a lot to cope with in one year.
Then came Matthew. His wrath on the beach was truly disastrous. An estimated four feet of sand covered Palmetto Boulevard and countless homes and businesses were damaged. But in less than a year, Darby and her crew had the beach renourished, repairs made and everything back up and running — just in time for Irma.
But throughout it all, Darby has remained cool, calm and collected. She has kept the homeowners and general public informed about what happened, what they were doing about it, and patiently answered thousands of questions.
And the team she has assembled at the beach, the connections she has established and the ability she has acquired to navigate the system to get help quickly is nothing short of amazing. To get the beach back up to speed in less than a year after Matthew was an incredible accomplishment. The day after Irma, bulldozers were already on Palmetto Boulevard, transporting sand back to the beach. They were scheduled to complete clearing the road last weekend, less than a week after the storm.
Edisto may have weathered three disasters in three years, but it has gained something invaluable — a leader who knows how to lead and get things done!
Well done, Mayor Darby and staff.

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