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by | September 24, 2017 5:00 pm

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Please help those with juvenile diabetes
Dear Editor:
Funding for the Special Diabetes Program (SDP) is set to expire at the end of this month on Sept. 30.
The SDP provides critical funding for diabetes research. It has been in place for over two decades and has never lapsed during that time. We can prevent that from happening now by encouraging our congressman and senators to renew it.
It is important for the renewal to happen without any lapse because there are large-scale clinical trials and research studies in progress that cannot be interrupted. The SDP has always had bipartisan support and has not been renewed thus far because it is being held hostage due to the larger healthcare debate.
Congress does not need to put the important long-term clinical trials in jeopardy. Future medical breakthroughs are within our grasp.
Thus far, we have the SDP to thank for improving the lives of diabetics who have to live with an unrelenting complex chronic autoimmune disease. Just this year, the first generation Artificial Pancreas (AP) was released. The SDP helps JDRF’s mission to cure, treat and prevent Type 1 Diabetes.
According to the centers for Disease Control, our state continues to experience a high rate of diabetes. The health burden of diabetes is a huge public healthcare expense and harms the length and quality of life for those living with this disease. Diabetes does not discriminate. It affects any race, any age, any lifestyle. The cause is not yet understood but is being researched thanks to the SDP. Once we know a cause, it will help us to prevent the disease.
So why am I writing this letter you may ask? I am writing to raise awareness and ask for your help to encourage urge your representatives not to put this time sensitive vote on the back burner. This is very important to me because I have a 14-year-old daughter that has lived with this disease for over six years. That is over 2,300 days of managing a disease that affects every minute of the day. That is over 2,300 nights of lost sleep because you cannot take a day off from this disease.
There is no cure and no remission. My daughter has had over 20,000 needle pricks either from shots, pump sites, or finger pricks. She has also had eight hypoglycemic seizures.
I ask my congressmen to please renew this very important program for three years so the advancements can continue and that the burden on the individuals living with this disease as well as the burden on the healthcare system can be lifted.
Lisa Shepard

Thanks for the power
Dear Editor:
Last week during a rain storm, I contacted a representative from Coastal Electric, Mr. Jerry Crosby, that my power was out. Within 20 minutes, they showed up in the rain and fixed my problem.
Just wanted to share some good news and show my appreciation.
Thank you, Tommy!!
James Smoak

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