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Douglas Lodge 277 feeds Cougars | Sports | The Press and Standard

by | August 3, 2017 5:00 pm

Last Updated: August 2, 2017 at 10:40 am

On Saturday Aug. 26, Douglas Lodge 277 will host a “Family Fun Day’ in the Catholic Hill community.


The Douglas Lodge 277, a division of First Masonic District 1 of South Carolina, provided a hot dog meal for the Cougar football team following Saturday morning’s practice. It was the third consecutive year the Douglas Lodge has provided a meal for the team.
“We feel it is important to support their hard work and efforts on the field,” said Anderson Grant Jr. “It is something we enjoy doing. It is our way of honoring the past, cultivating the present and preparing for the future. In keeping with the Masonic goal of volunteering in the community, we enjoy doing these events in support of the efforts of the coaches and players.”
Saturday Aug. 26, Douglas Lodge 277 will host a “Family Fun Day’ in the Catholic Hill community, and plans include providing limited numbers of back-to-school packages. The event will be held at 249 Catholic Hill Circle.
The 1st Masonic District was established in 1947. “To a Freemason, means just that — all Freemasons are Brothers who meet on the same level, regardless of their social or economic status outside the lodge,” said Leonard Seymour, 1st Masonic District Deputy, Past Master. “Princes, presidents, and captains of business are no better or more important than bus drivers, plumbers and paper boys when they sit in the lodge together. Masonry does not detract from a man’s accomplishments, nor does it exalt him above his Brothers because of his position outside the Lodge.”
Members of the Douglas Lodge helping with the cookout included Grant, DeAngelo Williams, Norman Hosey Jr., James Washington, Fred Mack, Alfonsa Brown, Robert Brown and Kenon Francis.

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