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by | July 30, 2017 5:00 pm

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Turn arrow needed
at Hiers Corner Road
Dear Editor:
I’m concerned about trying to turn left by the Shell station and Dairy Queen. There needs to be an arrow at the light for turning left onto Hiers Corner Road.
Walmart traffic is getting so heavy, there are people blowing their horns because they think cars can turn left while the light is red or yellow.
Please do this before someone gets hurt or killed. The other side of the light has arrows.
I don’t understand why no one is doing something about this. People, wake up!
Mary Hiott

Complacency and
pacifism equal danger
Dear Editor:
Several months ago I wrote about the danger of complacency in dealing with the terrorist threat trying to get established here in our country. Look at France, England and Germany for examples of what happens when you just “do nothing” in the name of political correctness. Muslims are establishing “No Go” zones where Sharia Law rules and even the police are afraid to enter. History shows us what happens when the population is not involved — complacency will eventually lead to their destruction.
President Trump is ridiculed because of his intention to build a wall along our southern border. We have allowed this border to become a gateway to illegal aliens from all over South America. Now we hear that refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan have used this border to enter the United States. How many of these are potential terrorists?
If a country intends to maintain its sovereignty and keep its citizens safe, we have to control who is coming into our country. Everyone likes to say we are a nation of immigrants and that is true. No one would object to these people coming here to find freedom and a decent way of life if they came in the right way, and that means the legal way. Breaking our laws is not the first step to citizenship.
We are faced with a unique time in our history. Not only are we at risk from radical Islamic terrorism, we must also contend with homegrown terrorists. This is not a religion-based threat, it is a war of ideology. Those radical Islamic terrorists are not seeking religious freedom they are seeking to destroy Christians and all infidels who do not follow their Sharia Law.
In the 1930’s Germany sat back and watched as a corporal grew into the dictator of their country. Fewer than a dozen men formed a political group that were to become the infamous Nazi party. They slowly began to take away the rights of their citizens. Among the first rights they took was to take away guns. That one action left the population powerless to fight back.
Hitler and his Nazi party were responsible for building concentration camps where they slaughtered 8,000,000 Jewish people. They also killed mentally challenged people, homosexuals and crippled people. Hitler started World War II and over 50,000,000 people died. Had the German people been alert and stopped those nine men before they got started, this tragic war would not have happened.
Pacifists and others who oppose war will rant and rave and criticize our military and those who support it. They are like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand. They believe because they are against the war, they must be right. Appeasement is the slippery slope to war and defeat. They would prefer the money spent on our military be used to support social programs. They lose sight of the first duty of our government — and that is to protect its citizens.
Neville Chamberlin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1937 to 1940, is best known for his mistaken foreign policy, and in particular for his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938 that conceded the German-speaking Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Germany. He returned to England claiming he had agreed to “Peace in our time.” However, Hitler later invaded Poland, and the UK declared war on Germany on Sept. 3, 1939, less than a year later. You insure peace by convincing potential enemies that you would win any war they might decide to start, and Neville Chamberlin’s error with Hitler is why we should stop history from repeating itself.
Progressives will disagree with me and claim I am a war-monger. I know the death, pain, suffering and heartache of our soldiers going into battle. As a veteran, I do not want to see our fighting men have to go in harm’s way. But, if I am wrong, please God, let us be strong enough to be on the winning side.
Noel Ison

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