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by | May 11, 2017 5:00 am

Last Updated: May 10, 2017 at 4:59 pm

FoCCAS (Friends of the Colleton County Animal Shelter) held its final two pet education programs of the school year on May 1 at Hendersonville and Bells Elementary Schools.

Three fourth-grade classes participated at Bells and Taylor Ford, daughter of Shacora Ford, won the Speuter Award for her essay.

Two fourth-grade classes participated at Bells, but no essay contest was held.

“FoCCAS is grateful for the support and encouragement from so much of the community,” said Sarah Miller of FoCCAS. “This program would not be successful without the support of the Colleton County School District.  All five public schools are involved in the CACE program this year.  Each student receives an activity booklet sponsored by Keisha Brown at State Farm Insurance and a CACE folder provided by Deborah Kane.  The students are always excited to see therapy dogs Moja and Lucky Blue along with their handler Mr. Steve Cinader.  The final celebration also features “Speuter” the dog played by Audra Hudson and a visit from an Animal Control Officer.”

Taylor Ford’s winning essay follows:

“Today in our county, we have overpopulation and I know how we can stop it from happening. You can help get your or someone else’s dog or cat get spayed or neutered.

“If you don’t get your pet spayed or neutered, you can cause overpopulation because two pets can make, for example, 10 puppies and those puppies could have puppies and it can go on and on and on. And you wouldn’t want to be the person who caused part of overpopulation in our county.

“So take your pet to the vet and make sure it gets spayed or neutered.”

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