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by | February 16, 2017 5:00 pm

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Good Samaritan robbed
A Glen Street man called the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office Feb. 10 about 2:30 a.m. to report that he had just been robbed at gunpoint.
The man said he had been at home when a woman arrived at his door asking for help — her car had broken down on Green Pond Highway. As the man and woman approached the car on foot, three black males came out of the woods, one of them putting a handgun to the man’s neck. They demanded his wallet.
After obtaining his wallet containing a small amount of cash, his cell phone and his keys, the robbers told the man to keep walking and not to worry about the stranded motorist.

Fire station damaged by gunfire
A neighbor of Colleton County Fire-Rescue Station 30 at 217 Crumley Road reported hearing a pickup truck with a loud muffler in the area, followed by two shots.
Deputies searching the area found shotgun shells on the ground outside the fire station and the station’s bay door punctured by 30 holes.
A search inside the station revealed the pellets from the shotgun blasts destroyed the windshield on a fire truck and a hot water heater. The pellets also damaged the station’s roof and wall.

Man shoots motor vehicle
A Sidneys Road resident called the sheriff’s office the afternoon of Feb. 7, explaining that he had witnessed a puzzling incident.
The witness said he saw a black Ford Explorer driven by a white female stop at the stop sign at the intersection of Sidneys Road and Industrial Drive. While the vehicle was stopped, the passenger, a black male, exited the vehicle, pulled a handgun and fired four shots at the vehicle. He then got back in the vehicle and the woman drove off.
Deputies arriving at the intersection found four spent shelling casings on the roadway where the witness said the incident took place.

Cottageville man arrested
A resident of Cottageville was arrested on a charge of   sexual assault in connection with an alleged incident at his home on Jan. 23.
A Dorchester woman, who had been conversing with the suspect on Facebook, came to the man’s home on Jan. 23 to meet the man in person.
The woman said that as they were watching movies in the man’s bedroom, he allegedly began to make sexual advances and she told him to stop. The man allegedly ignored her and continued to sexually assault her.
The investigation into the incident led to the Feb. 9 arrest of Garrett Scott Biering, 22, of 1066 Holly Ridge Lane in Cottageville on a charge of sexual assault.

Golf cart taken from Cane Branch
A resident of Cane Branch Road contacted the sheriff’s office Feb. 10 at 4:30 p.m. to report the theft of a golf cart valued at $3,900.
The deputy found tracks from a four-wheel vehicle outside the shed where the golf cart had been stored.

Jewelry taken from Rehoboth Road
A man arriving at an unoccupied Rehoboth Road home to handle yard work Feb. 11 at 3:46 p.m. found several windows at the residence broken out.
Then the culprits had entered the residence and removed approximately $2,000 in jewelry. A deputy searching the area found a brown glove in the shrubbery near the woods line, and several pieces of jewelry were found on the ground.

Ruffin home targeted by gunman
The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office was sent to a home on Ruffin Road in Ruffin Feb. 12 at 9:29 p.m. after an occupant of a passing vehicle opened fire on the home.
The female resident said she heard a vehicle passing by the residence, followed by gunshots. After the gunfire, she heard the vehicle speeding off. Deputies found three bullet holes in the side of the house and three spent shells on the roadway.
The occupants told the deputy they could not think of a reason the home had been targeted.

Riding lawn mower taken
A resident of Southern Charm Road in Ruffin called the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office the morning of Feb. 9 after discovering that a $5,000 riding lawn mower was gone from a storage area behind the residence. The victim said the theft had taken place within the last three days.

Fourth Street home hit by gunfire
Members of the sheriff’s office were called to a residence on Fourth Street the evening of Feb. 9 after the man returned home to find his home hit by gunfire.
Deputies arriving at the home found eight shell casings outside the home. The home’s wall and a window outside a bedroom had been damaged by bullets.

Items removed from Ruffin home
The Colleton County Sheriff’s Office was called to a residence on Sniders Highway the morning of Feb. 13 after the owner discovered a wide variety of items were gone.
The man said that sometime between Feb. 11 and Feb. 13, the property was entered and the doors to the home and a storage shed pried open.
A $12,000 four-wheeler, a $2,000 golf cart and another four-wheeler valued at $2,000 were missing from the shed. Also gone were a $600 television, fishing gear worth $240, a $200 heater, $200 ladder, $1,000 chain saw, $500 air compressor, $500 socket set, $100 camera, $150 fan and lawn furniture worth $120.

Home burglarized on Smoaks Road
A Smoaks Road man contacted the sheriff’s office Feb. 10 at 4:13 a.m. and informed officers that his home had been burglarized.
The man said he left home to assist an acquaintance and when he returned, he found that someone had used a pry tool to enter the rear door.
Once inside, the suspects took three shotguns worth $2,600, a $150 rifle, $80 knife, $200 television and $450 computer.

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