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by | January 22, 2017 5:00 pm

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War on Trump may backfire
Dear Editor:
The liberals who control the Democratic party are leading their party to a very unpopular position in the country. Their childish actions, recounts, protests and boycott of the inauguration are beginning to wear thin with the public. But, more importantly, mainstream Democrats do not want to be a part of all this protest nonsense.
To stand up and say you do not recognize Trump as president is to show ignorance of the law. The problem with liberals is they refuse to see that Hillary lost the election because she did too many things she should not have done. For instance, if she had not created her own email system in her home, there would not have been an investigation into her emails. All of that bad news would not have happened.
The fact that her campaign took the mid-western states for granted created the opening for Trump to break down their so-called blue wall. Her arrogant style was highlighted by her comment about “a basket of deplorables” that really fired up the average American, already angry over the liberal agenda attacking their freedom of religion.
The outright war on Trump being carried out by big media is so broad-based it is a threat to our national security. The recent “Fake News” aided and abetted by CNN is totally false. In their zeal to get Trump, major media is creating an atmosphere of distrust, not only among themselves, but among their leaders in Washington by dragging the government into the quagmire.
The behavior of liberals, the dishonest reporting and the building of distrust in our government is doing real and permanent damage to our children, who don’t know what to believe. The liberals seem to be ****-bent on de-legitimizing Trump, and in the process, damage our government.
The best way to destroy the fabric that binds our country together is to continue to divide our country and then make that divide bigger and bigger until anarchy results.
Noel Ison

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