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Christmas Lights are magic: A Christmas poem | Merry Christmas | The Press and Standard

by | December 25, 2016 5:00 am

Last Updated: December 21, 2016 at 9:52 am

The sounds of Silent Night fill the air bringing joy to the night,
and the fireplace casts shadows that dance softly with the sound.
Memories of long ago soon return and hide among the lights,
I await the visit of my friends and family who might come around.

I watch the lights on tree until I am lost in their glow,
Each light is an old friend or relative cherished in my memory.
I see their faces, I hear the voice of these angels from long ago,
I hear laughter, I laugh and shed a tear but they cannot hear me.

Tears of joy run down my cheek, I enjoy for the special memories coming my way,
I remember those special times we watched snowflakes dancing by our widow.
We could see our snowman standing guard watching for Santa and his sleigh,
Why weren’t we told to cherish those moments, why didn’t we know?

Still, I am so grateful for each of the wonderful memories from my past,
I rejoice in the many times I shared with friends and family so dear to me.
I know now only the it is the love of close friends and family that  really lasts,
and I hope one day friends my light will shine from your Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas

Noel and Bettye Ison

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