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by | November 8, 2016 9:27 am

Colleton County Voter Registration and Elections Director Angela Upchurch said that the county’s 32 precincts opened at 7 a.m. with voters in line to cast a ballot in the 2016 General Election.

Upchurch said Rice Patch precinct was the only polling place that had its opening delayed.

According to Upchurch, those in line at Rice Patch’s polling place at Colleton County Fire-Rescue Station 15 at 547 Ashton Road in Islandton when the polls open could not cast a ballot because the voter’s list was not available.

The poll worker who been given the responsibility for bringing the list to Rice Patch, Upchurch said, had left the pouch containing the voter list in a vehicle.

Normally, Upchurch explained, those in line would be given the option of casting a paper ballot. That was not possible at Rice Patch because the missing pouch also contained the paper ballots.

Upchurch said she was informed that casting a ballot at Rice Patch was delayed for approximately 30 minutes until the missing pouch was located. Voting is now under way.

One caller reporting the problem to The Press and Standard said that the line of voters showing to vote began to grow while the search was on for the missing pouch, estimating that at one point approximately 40 people were in line.

One poll worker circulated through the group taking down everyone’s name and promising they would get a chance to vote.

Some voters who had planned to vote before heading to work were forced to leave without casting a ballot and would hopefully be able to return to the polling place after work.

Upchurch said the two heaviest times for voting are at the beginning of election day when voters want to cast a ballot before heading to work and in the afternoon, when people start showing up at the precincts to cast a ballot after work.


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