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by | October 29, 2016 5:00 am

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Haley Nicole Felder is a senior at Colleton County High School where she is a four-year varsity letterman in volleyball for the Lady Cougars. She is the daughter of Matt and Tina Tyler of Walterboro and Steven Felder. Her grandparents are Harris and Linda Varner and Tommy and Susan Felder. Haley has a 3.387 GPA.
Colleges of Interest: University of South Carolina–Bluffton and Newberry College
Intended Major: I plan to earn my business degree and then go to cosmetology school. One day, I’d like to work with my mom and maybe, someday, take over her business.
Collegiate Athletics: No, I do not plan to play any sport in college. I decided last year that I wasn’t going to pursue volleyball, because I felt like it would be too hard to focus on my education.
On Volleyball: I love being part of a team and volleyball is something I’m good at. The game has brought me some of my closest friends, like Alyssa Baker, whom I met my freshman year.
Early Beginnings: I began playing volleyball in the seventh grade and have many special memories from across the years. I have always been very competitive – sometimes that competitiveness will sometimes come across as attitude! Two seasons ago in club volleyball, I received a yellow card, and later in the game a red card, from the referee. Let’s just say I have come a long way with keeping my attitude in check.
Role Model: My mom is my role model because she’s always there for me and knows how to pick me up if I’m down.
Meaning experience: This season we are going to the playoffs in volleyball. I tore my ACL in the preseason, and have missed being able to be on the court with my team. When we cinched the playoff spot, all my teammates ran up to me and included me in their celebration and gave me a group hug. It meant a lot to me.
Mentor: School Resource Officer Crosby is my mentor. If I have a problem, or need someone to talk to, he’s the guy.
On High School: Kids will be kids and you will probably get your feelings hurt. Keep your head up – because at the end of the day, we are all going different places and it doesn’t matter.
Outstanding Educator: Stephanie Drawdy stands out for me, because she is a great teacher and is truly dedicated to everyone in her class. I love the being surrounded by my chorus family. It is a great outlet to get away from everyday life. Besides, who doesn’t like to sing and be a part of musicals?
Interesting Haley fact: I can sing, but no one knows that, because I’m afraid to sing in front of anyone.
Meet & Greet: My grandpa died in 2005 when I was just a small child. I can only remember a few things about him, so I wish I could have more time with him.
On CCHS: I think uniforms need to be changed. I feel that every person has the right to express themselves as an individual.

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