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by | September 30, 2016 5:00 pm

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Ann Howell, Karolynne Jackson and Samantha Henderson won the “Brag A Little” drawing contest sponsored by the City of Walterboro and the Colleton Memorial Library. All the entries from Northside, Forest Hills, Colleton Prep and Cottageville elementary schools are on display at the Walterboro Welcome Center.
Katlyn Jones won the “Brag a Little about Walterboro” essay contest. Her essay follows:

At the age of five, my parents packed our bags in West Virginia and began driving to a little town called Walterboro. Fourteen years later I wouldn’t pick another place to live. Walterboro is filled with businesses, restaurants, schools, historic homes, and many other beautiful options to choose to “brag a little” about. With the many options mentioned, and many other things to say, I would like to brag a little about Walterboro’s opportunities.
If I am to live here for the rest of my life, I have the opportunity to become and do whatever I choose out of life. As a citizen of Walterboro, I had the opportunity of attending school from K5 – 12TH grade.  In May of 2015 I graduated from High school, the opportunities in life have not stopped. Life offers many choices when one graduates from High School. There are so many paths in life we can take; I learned that I had the opportunity to take whatever path I would like, right here in Walterboro.
In the Fall of 2015, I enrolled into the University of South Carolina – Salkehatchie. This opportunity allows me to take college classes in Walterboro, while working with alternate projects in the community. Anyone that lives in this town has the opportunity to become whatever they would like to achieve out of this life. The University of South Carolina – Salkehatchie is just one of those opportunities that Walterboro offers. With the private schools, public schools, Adult Education program, Thunderbolt Career & Tech, and University of South Carolina – Salkehatchie, each individual has the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential
If it takes a “Brag a little about Walterboro” campaign to bring this town to the realization of the good things in life, I totally am onboard. Walterboro allows the opportunity of a little girl to become a nurse, right here in town. Walterboro allows a little boy to be trained to become an electrician, right here in this town.  Walterboro allows the opportunity of a mom to open her own business, right here in this town. Walterboro allows the opportunity of a daddy to provide for his family, right here in this town. The opportunities that Walterboro allows exceeds any complaint that one may have about Walterboro.
If someone is complaining about Walterboro, it is probable that the individual has not taken advantage of the opportunities given.  Walterboro has done so much for me. I’ve had the opportunity to meet friends, attend school, and reach goals. I plan to continue reach each goal in my life, right here in Walterboro and I plan to continue to “brag a little about Walterboro.”

(Katlyn Jones is a sophomore at USC Salkehatchie.)

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