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by | July 31, 2016 5:00 pm

Last Updated: July 27, 2016 at 4:26 pm

Who Will Defend America?
Dear Editor:
As a senior citizen who grew up in the 50s, I am frightened about what has happened, and continues to happen, to our country. Not only is our ability to defend our country from our enemies declined significantly, but the very core of our nationalism and pride in our country is under relentless attack on several fronts.
We have seen our military strength deliberately cut to pre-World War II levels. Not just the Army, but all branches of our military. The wrong-headed appeasement approach by our current president has resulted in disasters in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya. America’s recognition of being a force for peace around the world has dissolved in a cesspool of apologies and resets.
Obama has seen fit to announce to the world every move we are going to make with our military so the enemy has ample time to prepare. Obama withdrew from Iraq the bulk of our troops, in spite of the fact that we have proven time and time again that we need to leave troops behind to control the future military efforts of our enemy. For example: We left troops in Korea; we left troops in Japan; we left troops in Germany; and in most of Europe after World War II to insure the peace. We did not leave troops in VietNam and a million people died. We did not leave troops in Iraq and a defeated enemy re-newed itself in the form of ISIS.
Even more disturbing to me is the assault on the First Amendment that threatens our freedom of speech. The liberal progressives are finding new and effective ways to stifle free speech. Their ultimate goal is to amend the first amendment so they can define and implement what they call “Hate Speech.” In their world, hate speech is anything and everything that is in conflict with their beliefs. You say Obama is a sorry president and you can be prosecuted for “Hate Speech.” Yes, America, as hard as that is to believe, it is true.
Our college campuses, once the home of freedom of speech, have declined into a hotbed of discrimination and intimidation. First they gave us political correctness where they attempt to censor the rest of the world, based on their liberal dogma. It is known that 90% of professors are liberal so their politics and beliefs are indoctrinated into their students. Conservative or other viewpoints are not allowed as much as possible and limited when they are allowed.
Pride in America is a thorn in the side of our liberal professors. American history has been reduced to the study of white men and how their oppressed everyone else. Teaching our young people what the founders accomplished under severe duress is overlooked. The many sacrifices made by Americans of all colors are set aside as the liberals denegrate our history. Many of our young people are ignorant of the truth in favor of the propaganda of discrimination and destruction of minorities.
Nationalism is fading into the past. Our very national sovereignty is in jeopardy. The liberals say the “melting pot” never existed and believe America is a militaristic and capitalistic country that tries to take over and control other countries. Recent immigrants no longer come here to join fellow Americans — they come with the intention of maintaining their own country loyalty and continue to speak their native language. This will eventually Balkanize America as we become a nation of independent nationalities. The patriotism and love of America will disappear as this influence grows.
Here is what our young people do not understand: America has brought freedom to more people than any country in history.   America has given medical technology to countries around the world that has saved millions of lives. America’s scientific and technological discoveries have improved the lives of everyone on the face of the earth. America fought and won two world wars to protect the world from evil leaders, and then loaned our enemies the money to rebuild their war-torn countries. When there is a tragedy, America, the most charitable country in the world, is always on the scene to offer help. There is not another country on the planet that can match America in giving to the world.
Since World War II, we have been the most powerful country on earth, but we have never claimed any country or land. Yet, just this year, we have witnessed Russia and China claim new territory.
Our young people are on track to live in world that is controlled by the liberal agenda and the result will be a loss of their freedoms. What makes this so tragic is these same young people were never taught honest American history, so they will never know or understand what they have lost. I will continue to speak out against this liberal machine that is destroying the country we fought to build. Each of us should join in this battle to defend freedom of speech and our Constitution.
Noel Ison

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  1. Comment by William D Harvey

    July 31, 2016 at 6:36 pm

    I agree, for the most part, of what you are saying, Mr. Eison. However, the problem come in when the definition of “liberal” and “Conservative” is used so heavily in your argument. Pointing fingers is not going to work with any president. I was just thinking today about the “trickle down theory” of President Reagan (Rep), He was the first person I voted for. As soon as we can recognize his “trickle down theory” was what has caused the rich to stay rich and the poor to stay poor, we can let blame fall where it may.

    However, I digress.

    We do tend to want to find a way to blame others for our own mistakes. Doesn’t matter if it’s in our own homes, our towns, our states, or our country. In fact, for the “conservative” argument, I was just on the phone this afternoon with a certain cell phone provider, whose main business and taxes are here in the US. Yet, I got someone from Manilla or the Philippines. The American business contracted to other countries because they got a tax deduction (according to that “trickle down theory”)….Yet, there are so many people here in the US who are unemployed.

    Remember: Our young people have been given what we older people have allowed them to have.

  2. Comment by Michael Garvin

    August 1, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Mr. Harvey,

    I’m confused about what you are saying. First, I’m not sure if you exactly know where the liberal worldview originated. The liberal worldview originated with Marxism (i.e. Karl Marx) which firmly believes the state should own everything. For the past 100 years, the Fabian Marxist in the US (i.e. Democrats) attempt to try another brand of Socialism (which has always failed). Second, American business do go overseas because other countries have lower taxes than the US. Businesses are in business to make a profit; not to provide jobs (unlike the Fabian Marxist/Democrat Party ascribe and promote to the population). Business will cut the largest cost to their overhead to stay competitive and grow. That cut comes from labor first (it is the most expensive). Your argument lacks substance and logic.

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