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by | May 7, 2016 5:00 pm

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Hannah’s mother has always visited her family’s home for Mother’s Day — that is until her mother passed away a year ago. This year, Hannah asked her mother where she was going to spend Mother’s Day and she replied, “Right here with my beautiful children.”  Not only did Hannah feel good about her answer, she promised her mother that she would help her clean, wash the dishes and cook all weekend. This made Ms. Huckabee blush and say, “That’s my big girl.”
Dexter’s mother never liked all of the attention of Mother’s Day. Instead of visiting her mother, who turned 90 years old this year, she sent her $50 cash, a bouquet of flowers, and a round-trip ticket to visit them whenever she wanted to on Mother’s Day. This was something Dexter’s mother always did after her mother moved to Canada to live with her youngest sister, where his grandmother had lived for as long as he could remember. Dexter was shocked at her response when he asked his mother what she wanted for Mother’s Day. “All I want is to see that my children are well and have good manners,” Mrs. Baker announced.
Hannah and Dexter talked about their mothers and concluded that all mothers are indeed special, especially if they are like their mothers.
They compiled three words to describe what good mothers do:

Whenever you feel like giving up, a good mother encourages you to hang in there and don’t give up. When someone mistreats you or calls you names, a good mother will assure you that you are worthwhile and special no matter what anyone says.

Whenever you say or do things that are mean or nasty, a good mother will correct you and make you rethink your attitude. If you have done something wrong to someone, a good mother sends you back to that person and beg his or her pardon or ask for forgiveness. No good mother lets you continue in a wrong and destructive path.

Whenever you act like a respectful and kind person and she feels pleased at your behavior, a good mother tells you that you did a good job and tells you to keep up the good work. Without going overboard, a good mother gives her approval by smiles, hugs, rewards and love to children who have good behavior and a good attitude. Her compliments are only reserved for good behavior and good attitudes.

Hannah and Dexter learned that mothers are only good if they take time to comfort, correct and compliment children so they can be the best they can be. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Good Mothers!
Special Announcement: Hannah plans to make her mother a cheesecake for Mother’s Day (the no bake one).  Dexter plans to build a shoe rack for his mother to put her many pairs of shoes (his dad is teaching him to build things).

(Hannah and Dexter are characters in a series of books written by Shiela Martina (aka Shiela Keaise, children’s librarian at the Colleton County Memorial Library.)

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