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by | May 6, 2016 5:00 pm

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Lately, I’ve been thinking more about what defines a “good coach.”
The old expression, “If you asked 50 people, you’d likely get 50 different answers” likely holds true when it comes to defining expectations and characteristics of the proverbial “good coach.”
A road map to be successful in coaching isn’t available; however, some of the obvious expectations and characteristics on the route to getting there include: knows, understands and can teach the game; clear expectations and consequences; a strong belief in fundamental teaching, safety and player development both on and off the field; someone who exhibits strong morals and builds character by example; willingness to go the extra-mile to promote players and team-building; a person who maintains pride in the facility and program; the all-important ability to develop leaders; and, wait for it — someone who can win.
Without a doubt, it is not an easy job and, more often than not, thankless.
Colleton Prep’s head baseball coach Nat Stoner will lead his team into the playoffs this week. It will be his 13th consecutive trip to post-season play since he took over the program 13 years ago. Yes, you read that correctly. In his coaching career at CPA, he has never missed taking his team to the playoffs and additionally, has three state championships to his credit. You can argue that in any way you’d like, but the facts remain the same: Nat Stoner takes the team he is given and creates an environment for success. Does that alone make Nat Stoner a good coach? No. But factor in even a few of the defining traits for a “good coach” and it becomes clear … Nat Stoner isn’t a good coach – he’s a great coach.
Colleton Prep is, indeed, lucky to have Nat Stoner leading the baseball program. After all, a “good coach” is hard to find — let alone a great one.

(Cindy Crosby is sports editor for The Press and Standard. She can be reached at cindyc4@yahoo.com.)

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