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Three Colleton Preparatory Academy students —Bailee Stanley, Parker Tuten and Joshua Headley ­— won first place awards in the annual 6th-8th grade essay contest sponsored by the Colleton Conservation District. The 93 essays in the contest, held in celebration of Earth Day, were written on the theme “We Need Trees!”  Awards were presented at the annual Affiliate Membership and Recognition Banquet on April 28.
Their essays follow:
By Carson Bailee
6th Grade,
Colleton Prep
Daughter of Allison Stanley
of Walterboro

We all see trees differently. Since the beginning, trees have given us food, oxygen and wood, those are just some of the important things they have given us. We plant trees for their beauty and shade, animals use them for their habitats as well as food for them to eat, we use them to build our homes as well as heat them and many other things.
Trees are beneficial to doctors for medicine, babies rely them for diapers, farmers and others use them for chemicals and tools. Trees cut down on smog, help with the natural water runoff of the land and absorb noise from machinery and humans. essay.bailee stanley
Humans need oxygen to live, trees need carbon dioxide to live so it’s a trade off between the two.
No two trees are alike, they may be in the same family but they have varieties of shapes, sizes and vibrant color. Trees control climate by moderating the effects of the sun, rain and wind. The leaves absorb and filter the sun’s radiant energy. They lower air temperature, reduce the heat intensity of the greenhouse effect by maintaining lower levels of carbon dioxide.
Once a tree gets so old it quits producing oxygen, which we as humans need to live, therefore the tree dies in a sense. By cutting them down and replanting them we assure the continued supply of oxygen.
Protecting our trees should be done daily. We as humans can help by using recyclable items as much as possible. This could be done by having statements and letters sent via emails, thus would cut down in paper use, use fewer paper products, instead of using paper napkins use cloth ones and simply planting trees in your yard, neighborhoods and parks.
In my family cutting down trees is a daily routine, my father is a logger. He cuts down trees to supply humans with the benefits trees offer us. Some may not agree with his occupation but we do. For every tract of timber they cut eighty percent of the land is replanted for future cutting.
This is how they preserve the land. They cut the timber, send it on a truck to the mill, then it’s processed and sold to consumers. While this is taking place the land is prepped again for planting, which my grandfather has done for many years. He ensures the land is ready to be reforested then the process starts allover again once the seedlings have matured. So in my family trees are a very important part of life.


By Parker Tuten
7th Grade
Colleton Prep
Son of Dorcas Tuten and
Will Tuten
of Round O

Trees are very important in our daily lives. We need trees so we can live. We should conserve them because they have many things we need.
Trees are used to make many things such as paper, so we can write on. Trees are used to make some tools today, and we wouldn’t be here if the settlers did not learn how to use trees for making their houses like we do today. The pioneers needed trees for almost everything. They needed trees for fire, shelter, and tools.
Today we use trees for many of the same things. We use lumber from trees to build buildings and other structures, and we would not have most of our furniture if there were no trees.
Trees are even used to make medicine.
When wood gets turned into pulp, the by-products are used in asphalt, gum, and even paint. essay.tuten
In South Carolina, the timber industry has a huge impact on our society. The economic impact in South Carolina is $17 billion annually. The timber industry provides over 84,000 jobs for many people. Trees provide jobs for foresters, builders, loggers, truck drivers, mill workers, plant workers, and engineers, just to name a few.
With a total delivered value of $783,894,293.00 timber is the State of South Carolina’s leading cash crop.
South Carolina exports over 1.4 billion in forestry products annually from Charleston. Trees make oxygen, so we can breathe. Trees absorb carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which is harmful for humans to breathe. Trees have been said to heal patients when there are trees outside their windows.
Since trees provide so much for us, we should try to conserve them. Trees are renewable resources. Buying recycled paper is one way to conserve them. To help trees grow in population, you can start planting trees around your area.
We should also try to conserve trees because they do not only provide for us, but they also provide for animals in our area. They provide shelter for many animals on our planet.
We should also try to stop using printers to save paper and stop wasting trees.
Trees provide most of our housing items, have a big impact in our lumber industry, and are important everyday lives.
These are reasons we all need trees. They are needed everywhere on the globe.


By Joshua Headley
8th grade,
Colleton Prep
Son of Dena Headley
of Walterboro

Trees will always have an important role for many things. These many things include food, habitats, wood and fuel to name a few. However, more importantly people and animals could not survive without trees.
Trees are needed to continuously produce fresh oxygen to breathe. Trees are a must for human conditioning to keep advancing.
Besides producing fresh oxygen, trees are important for wood. Wood is used for numerous things such as building homes, furniture, and heating. Ever since the dawn of time man has used  wood for heat and fires for protection.
But most of all, wood products are used for framing homes and many other uses in the building industry. Without wood everything in homes would have to be manmade products.
Many times when land is cleared of unwanted trees to build a home, they are replaced with more desired varieties. Many varieties are chosen for several reasons: shade, color or fruit or nut producing. essay.headley
Logging is a worldwide profession and when trees are cut for building or other purposes, the cleared land can be replanted in any species of trees desired. Most replanted seedlings are of a fast growing variety. This allows the trees to be harvested in a shorter amount of time and replanted again.
Water pollution would be a huge problem if there were no trees. The trees slow down  runoffs by interrupting rain, and letting the rain steady stream down the trunk and absorb into the ground.
Trees stop soil erosion and help clean the drinking water by filtering it through  the roots. When water is absorbed it is released back into the air as an important part of oxygen.
Trees are not just important to people, but also to wildlife. Wildlife needs trees for food and shelter. Trees have given early humans and still do for many animals a safe retreat from ground predators.  It also provides a safe haven for many insects and nesting birds.
Trees also lower the temperature of water and air. It also has an impact for helping the complete health of the waters ecosystem by offering habitats and food for animals such as fish, turtles and  much more marine life.
The Palmetto tree became the state tree because of military use. Its logs lined the walls of many forts along the coast of South Carolina. The reason for the extensive use of palmetto logs for fort walls was it had a soft and spongy consistency, it tended to absorb the concussion of cannon ***** where hardwood would have shattered or splintered. So the palmetto trees  helped save lives.
Society is in serious need of understanding the importance of trees. More groups need to be formed so that trees will be steady planted. With logging going on, it is extremely important to replace the trees being lost.
Trees are an important renewable natural resource and need to be  conserved.  More trees are being cut down than are being planted, so everyone needs to come together and plant more trees.

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