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by | April 10, 2016 5:00 pm

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Celebrate National Bookmobile Day
Dear Editor:
On Wednesday April 13, libraries across the country will celebrate National Bookmobile Day, a time to remind the public about the integral and vital role that bookmobiles provide America’s libraries every day. For over 100 years and counting, America’s bookmobiles provide access to information and technology and supply resources for life-long learning to Americans, no matter where they live — in rural areas, cities or suburbs.
A part of National Library Week, National Bookmobile Day recognizes the important contributions of today’s bookmobiles as modern, changing and dynamic information centers for the 21st century that bring the world to their communities. Bookmobiles offer almost every service that patrons find in library branches, including readers advisory services, computers, entertainment resources, job search assistance and programs — services that are vital in today’s tough economy.
What makes our bookmobile service unique is that it provides our community with mobile access to trained professionals — librarians — to help people find and interpret the information they need to make a difference in their lives. As a vital extension of our libraries, bookmobiles help keep us connected, providing a space for people of all ages, classes and races to come together, while keeping us connected to events and people around the world.
Come join the Colleton County Memorial Library Bookmobile as we celebrate our mobile outreach on National Bookmobile Day: April 13 from 10-11 a.m. with bookmobile tours after story time.
How can bookmobiles help you thrive? National Bookmobile Day during National Library Week is the perfect time to find out. After all, libraries transform.

Joyce Chaplin
and Jane Shaw
Colleton County Memorial Library Bookmobile librarians

We need to think about choices for sheriff
Dear Editor:
As citizens of Colleton County, we are entering into a serious time of decision…and we will be making a decision as a county that will have the possibility of affecting us for a very long time.
We are going to elect a sheriff.
The sheriff is the highest elected official in the county, and as the head of all of our law enforcement, every family, business, individual, church, and civic organization counts on this person to keep us all safe.
The sheriff must be a person of integrity, and be transparent in his/her dealings of business, personal conduct, and official interaction with the citizens of Colleton County.
During his first term, Sheriff R.A. (Andy) Strickland has worked hard to earn the trust of every citizen and assure us that he is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill the responsibilities of this important office.  Sheriff Strickland has not met with everyone’s approval, but given the limits of human ability and the guidelines of the law, he has done “above and beyond” for the citizens of Colleton County.
A quick review of the past (almost) 4 years and you too will quickly conclude that this man is the man for the job here in Colleton County!
Once again, we have crime fighters who are doing a great job!!! (For very little pay, I might add.)
These brave men and women know that the leadership of Sheriff Strickland has paved the way for them to continue tokeep this community safe.
With the addition of new equipment and personnel, Highway 17 and I-95 are better monitored, our streets are safer, and the criminals who would like to set up shop in Colleton County are leery and looking over their shoulders for the inevitable “black and gold” who will be relentless in their pursuit until the criminal has taken up residence in the county jail!
My family has lived here for 14 years, and I have seen what happens when the criminal comes face to face with the strength and courage of Sheriff Andy Strickland and the fine men and women of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office … and I like what I have seen!
So, when you prepare to cast your vote for sheriff in the upcoming election, don’t vote for foolishness, divisiveness and inconsistencies.  Instead, vote for a man who has put his life into his first term, and has given the people of Colleton County a sheriff that we all can respect … and re-elect!!!
When you vote, I ask that you vote to re-elect Sheriff R.A. (Andy) Strickland.

Tony Jones,
pastor of Faith Baptist Church

Is Trump a fish
out of water?
Dear Editor:
You probably haven’t noticed, because it has happened  overtime and without much fanfare, our country has started down a slippery slope toward socialism and a dictatorship form of government.
Over the past seven years food stamps have increased over 40%.   Forty-seven percent of Americans are receiving some type of government assistance.  Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are basing their campaigns on promising more free stuff from the federal government.
At the same time, we have watched Obama side-step Congress by increasing his use of executive orders.  In spite of his insistence every order he gave was completely legal, many of them have been overturned by the Supreme Court.  The abuse of his powers is a dangerous action. The constitution established the three branches of government to assure balance of power and oversight and executive orders avoid both of these.
The only obstacle to America becoming a banana republic or totalitarian state is the law of the land found in the Constitution.  As presidents usurp more and more power meant for Congress the more powerful and dangerous the presidency becomes.
Do you realize that not too long ago Argentina was considered the flagship of South America and the breadbasket of the new world?  Today, after a succession of dictator-style leadership, combined with a socialist form of government, Argentina is in a financial shambles and struggling to rebuild itself.  You can rest assured the average Argentinian was so distracted by the ever-increasing free benefits given by the socialist government, they never saw the total financial collapse coming to their country.
We are looking down the road to our presidential election and the debate about what is best for our country has been pushed aside, as candidates slam each other with personal attacks.  Trump, the upstart leader for the Republicans, is controversial, petty, hostile, bent on revenge for the slightest criticism and a loose cannon that runs his mouth too often while his brain is asleep. He has a severe case of self-denial as he continually makes a statement, and then walks it back by trying to change what he said, and eventually denies he ever said it.  At times he makes “Lyin’ Ted” look like Honest Abe.  Worst of all, he actually believes that he is the smartest man on the planet and everyone should play only by his rules.
He has made demands of the Republican Party, television news, news reporters, fellow candidates and vows to get even or revenge if he is not catered to.  He threatened to be an independent; then he signed the pledge, and now he threatens to be independent again because he feels he is not being treated fairly.  He placed a very degrading picture of Ted Cruz’s wife on the internet.  Then he denied it.  Then he admitted it and said he wished he had not done it, but he never apologized.  The man is a sociopath and I believe dangerous to our country.
The two most dangerous threats to our Democracy are coming together in this campaign, one in the person of Trump, and the second is the advance of socialism by the Democrats. America better wake up to what they are about to create. We saw Obama use the IRS against conservative non-profits and we have seen his attorney general play favorites with the justice department.
Fair warning:  the election in November will bring a tsunami of change to America and a hot-tempered self-indulgent Trump will strike out and seek revenge against anyone who criticizes him or fights against his policies.  His tirades against his political opponents are petty compared to what he can do when he has the power of the presidency.
His recent statements regarding foreign policy were so ridiculous they were unbelievable.  He said:
(1)  It would be better for America to let Japan and South Korea have nuclear weapons and we could bring our troops home. We would save millions.
(2)  He went on to say we should get out of NATO and let them pay for their own defense.
(3) He wants to demand that we be reimbursed for defending other countries.
First of all, it appears that Trump sees the world as some type of monopoly game, while the real world requires alliances and allies not solely to protect our allies, but protect ourselves as well.  Our troops in Korea have stopped North Korea from attacking the South and kept us from another war.  Furthermore, South Korea and Japan form a block to Chinese advances.  We are facing a nut job as leader of North Korea, and China has built an island in the South China Sea to build a forward military base.  It would be dangerous and stupid to consider weakening our position by withdrawing our troops.
Yes, we pay about 70% of the NATO expenses, not because we are stupid or soft hearted, but because many European countries face very difficult financial problems.  Also, our allies in Europe are our strongest allies in the world and we need them as much as they need us.  Russia has started to make strategic moves to try and rebuild the Old Russian Soviet Union.  Any sign of weakness here could create a disaster for former Soviet Union countries.
Trump has been a businessman all of his life and that is all he knows.  The world is not a business.  It is made up hundreds of countries, nationalities, religions, forms of government, life styles and opportunities.  Living in this vast world with all of its differences in no way resembles a business.  Trump has lived in a bubble of wealth and power,  and  as a result, he has little in common with the real world.

Noel Ison

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  1. Comment by Michael Garvin

    April 12, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    In Response to We need to think about choices for sheriff

    While reading an opinion piece from the Press and Standard, I noticed this gentlemen wrote, “With the addition of new equipment and personnel, Highway 17 and I-95 are better monitored, our streets are safer, and the criminals who would like to set up shop in Colleton County are leery and looking over their shoulders for the inevitable “black and gold” who will be relentless in their pursuit until the criminal has taken up residence in the county jail!”. I respect this man’s opinion as a voter and a pastor, however, I strongly disagree with his opinion. I can assure you that the criminal elements are extremely comfortable operating within Colleton County. The last thing the criminal elements are doing in Colleton County is “looking over their shoulders”. As one who has studied worse individuals than the criminals within the county, they are operating and have gone back into the planning phase. More than likely, they are exploiting the sheriff’s continuous inability to provide adequate operational/informational security. Now that Mr. Strickland is patrolling (campaigning) maybe he can fully explain allegations of the frat-boy style drunk parties on the sheriff’s department boat (multiple source reporting), false information regarding the violent crime numbers, and presenting awards in his own name (narcissistic in nature). I would also like to add how he almost botched the investigation into the missing children who were approximately 50 – 100 meters from their home. His last responses to the violent crime statistics were aligned to the fact that I was not from Colleton. I guess my opinions/observations do not count.

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