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by | April 15, 2016 5:00 am

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Colleton County’s new engineer, Carla Harvey, says she enjoys working with people.

Carla Harvey is settled into her new office, but has not been spending much time there.
Harvey joined Colleton County as the county engineer approximately a month ago.
Don’t expect Harvey to spend a lot of time in her new office, because “I love boots on the ground.”
“I joke all the time; even though my boots are pink, it doesn’t mean I won’t get them dirty,” Harvey said. “I love to be out in the field, doing things and learning and teaching other people.”
For the past nine years, Harvey has worn a variety of hats in Berkeley County government.
Most recently, Harvey worked as the county council liaison, handling special projects for the Berkeley County Council.
Before that, she was the program coordinator for Berkeley County’s transportation sales tax program. In that position she managed the county’s 2008 transportation sales tax program that is anticipated to generate $140 million and the 2014 transportation sales tax program which is expected to generate approximately $230 million for road work in the county.
During her tenure with Berkeley County, Harvey also served as interim planning director for a short period.
Harvey said that she knew that leaving a county with a large population and large budget for Colleton — which has a faction of the population and a much smaller budget — was going to be “very, very different.”
Harvey received her undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Clemson University in 2005, her master’s degree in civil engineering a year later. She and her husband have two sons, 6 and 3 years old.
She sought the Colleton County post, Harvey said, because “I was ready to forward my career. This gives me the opportunity while still doing what I love, because public works is my passion.”
It is her passion, Harvey said, “because I love to see the difference I can make. I love the citizen involvement, being able to reach out to them.
“I looked at going into the public sector, but that is just not my thing. I love working for the public,” she said.
Berkeley County government’s engineering services were divided into a lot of different divisions; “I just did roads,” she said.
She looks forward to being Colleton County’s engineer because “you can be involved in so many things.”
Now she will get to tackle finding solutions to drainage issues and working on building designs in addition to assisting the county on roadway work.
“This is definitely a way for me to do other things. This is a way for me to grow.”

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