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Hannah and Dexter learn Easter symbols of Easter | News | The Press and Standard

by | March 26, 2016 5:00 pm

Last Updated: March 23, 2016 at 1:46 pm

By Shiela Martina

Spring is coming soon and Miss Rightover knows exactly what her lesson plans will be.  During the month of March, Miss Rightover’s class will be learning the holidays that are popular and fun. She told her class that March is not just known for being breezy, but is a month to learn about women’s history, Saint Patrick’s Day, Cesar Chavez, and Easter.
“I’m going to sing a song about the symbols of Easter.  My goal is that each of you learn the song, because you will be tested on some of the facts,” says Miss Rightover. The song is a “call and response” sung to the tune of “Frere Jacque.”

March is cool
Colors can be seen
The March winds blow
And symbols children learn

March talks of women
Green stands for Ireland
Easter brings new life
And candy children gain

The Christian talks of Jesus
He rose from the dead
He’s coming back to judge
And claim His children then

Each symbol tells a story
They tell them very well
It’s the Easter symbols
And to the children tell

Eggs stands for new life
The Easter bunny too
Reminds us of new life
And spring the children sing

Don’t forget the pretzels
If served on Easter day
It’s like arms crossed in prayer
And the children made aware

If you want to learn
And celebrate in spring
Take time to read a story
To children big and small

Special Notes:
Hannah and Dexter learned Miss Rightover’s call and response song.
Dexter called and Hannah gave the response.
They both got an “A” on Miss Rightover’s “Spring” Test.

(Shiela Martina is the pen name for Colleton County Memorial Library’s Children’s Director Shiela Keaise, who also writes children’s books.)

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