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by | March 31, 2016 5:00 am

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Chase ends in wreck
A driver was arrested following a police chase that ended when he wrecked his vehicle.
A Walterboro police office spotted a vehicle bearing a dealer tag at the Citgo North station at 1400 N. Jefferies Blvd. on March 25 at 10:35 a.m. and recognized the driver as someone the city police wanted to question as part of  several larceny investigations.As the officer pulled into the service station, the man sped out of the lot heading north on Jefferies Boulevard.
The officer activated his lights and siren and the chase was on. As the chase left the city limit, the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office joined the pursuit.
The man’s race to freedom ended after about 15 minutes, coming to a stop when the man wrecked his car at the intersection of Highway 15 and Duncan Chapel Road in Dorchester County and tried to flee on foot. He was caught after running a short distance.
The car was towed and the suspect, Patrick Leonard McTeer, 47, who has addresses listed in Walterboro and Goose Creek, was taken to the Colleton County Detention Center where he was booked on a charge of failure to stop for blue lights.
Repo man  threatened
A Walterboro man arrived at the city police station late Friday night wanting to report a threat.
The man said shortly after he pulled into the EZ Shop at 3304 Robertson Boulevard, the driver of a black Dodge Charger pulled up, pointed a handgun out the window and said he would shoot him if he saw him at his house again.
The victim works in vehicle repossession and had been on the hunt for the suspect’s car.

Four-wheeler pulled from the mud

A Walterboro man called the city police department the evening of March 25 to report that a four-wheeler valued at $2,500 had been taken.

The man explained that his children had been riding the all-terrain vehicle on a trail in the 700 block of Churchhill Street when the vehicle became mired in the mud.

The children left and got their grandfather to help them rescue the vehicle. When they returned to the trail, they found that someone had attached a come-along to the four-wheeler but were still unable to get it out of the mud.

They then went home and got their father and once again returned to the trail. When they arrived, they found that someone had managed to get the four-wheeler out of the mud and driven off with it.

They found a bicycle nearby, but were unable to say if the thief had left the bike behind.

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