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by | February 17, 2016 5:00 am

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Members of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office and the Walterboro Police Department are continuing their investigations into two recent shootings.
The Walterboro Police Department continues to search for the suspect in a Monday morning shooting that sent one man to the hospital.
Monday at about 7:50 a.m. members of the police department were called to the Emergency Department of the Colleton Medical Center where a gunshot victim was undergoing treatment for a grazing wound to his side and a gunshot wound to his arm.
The man had been transported to the medical center in a private car.
Officers had a chance to interview the man, but he would not provide a lot of information about the incident other than the fact that it occurred at a residence in the 100 block of Kelly Street.
Investigators went to the residence and spoke to a witness, who told them that she had been involved in an argument with her son, at which point her other son intervened, and the two brothers got into an argument.
The suspect, Lymik Pierce, then allegedly shot his brother and fled the scene.
On Feb. 11 sheriff’s deputies were called to investigate a shooting in the Springtown area shooting that sent two men to the Colleton Medical Center for treatment.
Deputies and members of Colleton County Fire-Rescue were dispatched to Jimbo’s nightclub at 9109 Augusta Highway in Springtown at 2:17 a.m.
When deputies and firefighter-paramedics arrived at the nightclub, they learned that both gunshot victims had left the scene and were being transported to the medical center’s Emergency Department by private vehicles.
The caller reporting the shooting to emergency dispatch reported hearing approximately 12 shots. From the sound, the caller said the shots seemed to be from a handgun.
As a vehicle pulled out of the parking lot, the caller added, more shots were fired.
The first shooting victim to arrive at the medical center was found to have a gunshot wound in the leg, resulting in a broken femur.
A deputy, working security at the medical center, reported that after the first victim was whisked into the emergency room, he interviewed the driver who transported the victim.
The witness said he had been inside the club ordering food when the gunfire began outside in the parking lot.
When the gunfire ended, the man said he went to his vehicle to leave and heard his name being called by a man sitting on the ground across from the nightclub.
He told the deputy that the man told him he had been shot and needed help.
The man then picked up the victim, placed him in the back seat of his vehicle and rushed him to the medical center.
The deputy then talked to the man with the leg injury. He said that he was getting into his vehicle when he was shot. He said that he did not know who sot him and would not provide any further information.
The second victim arrived at the hospital approximately 30 minutes after the first, shot in the upper abdomen and legs.
That man also said he did not know who had shot him and would not provide additional information.
After being stabilized at the medical center, the man with the leg injury was transported by private ambulance to Trident Medical Center’s Trauma Center.
The second man who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds was stabilized and then flown by helicopter to the Trident Trauma Center.
While the two gunshot victims were being treated, the medical center was placed on lockdown.

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