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Thousands attend Trump rally | News | The Press and Standard

by | February 26, 2016 5:00 pm

Last Updated: February 24, 2016 at 1:58 pm

An estimated 3,000 people showed up to hear Donald Trump last Wednesday at the farm of Randy and Sara White on Green Pond Highway.
Ticket sales from the website numbered 4,000, said White, but he estimates the crowd was closer to 3,000.
“I haven’t heard anything but positive stuff,” he said. “It was excellent. We had a great time. Everybody doesn’t like Trump, but everybody came. We had people from South Georgia, James Island, Pawleys Island, Estill, Hampton — they came from all over. I think it was good for the community.”
Dealing with the crowds and the details of running the event weren’t something that he had to worry too much about, White said. The Secret Service and the Trump campaign staff handled that. “A lot went into it that we had nothing to do with,” he said.
Dealing with the Secret Service was “quite interesting. We had Secret Service agents there for three days. The agent who assisted us, John Kelly, from North Dakota was very nice: very serious, but super nice,” he said. The day of the event, some 100 agents were there, assisted by local law enforcement.
“Our local law enforcement was so good. The sheriff’s and police departments worked so well together. The Secret Service people said they were as big a help as anywhere they’d ever been,” White said. “We didn’t have an incident at all about anything.”
And others helped out as well. Three teams of cooks prepared food: Billy Ackerman and Lynn Tanner, Hugh Chinners of St. George, Charlie Spears and J.P. Downing, and Joey Bashsa from Charleston. Michael Smith of Clean Management donated use of portalets, and Walterboro Rental donated tables and chairs. And Carlyle Griffin’s singing of the National Anthem was a great hit. “She was as good as I’ve ever heard. Everybody ranted and raved about her,” White said.
White believes Trump will follow his win in South Carolina by securing the presidency. “Everywhere I go, people are excited about him,” he said on Friday.
White got to talk to Trump personally before the event, and “He was just as down to earth as anybody. I thought I was going to be intimidated, but it was like he came here to talk to us. He was interested in the Lowcountry and areas around here and South Carolina. He was a pleasure to be around. The media always shows him when he’s mad, but he sure made me feel like he had a totally different side.”
All in all, White said he thoroughly enjoyed hosting the event. “We had everything except the elephant,” he said. “I hope he comes back when he’s president.”

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